The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical devices that send and receive data using software analysis, connected using the Internet. Security of this data is paramount. The risks are real. Technology is key, but security also requires actions on your part.

Cisco predicts that by 2021…



The Internet of Things will account for 847 zettabytes of data generated by people, machines and “things” each year.



92% of workloads will be processed in the Cloud.



Data processing in on-premise servers will fall from 51% to 32%.




Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Building Automation Systems


Intelligent Equipment – Secure, Intuitive Controls


IE – What is it?

Equipment level controls with secure, remote access via the Daikin IE Cloud

Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity for true plug-and-play installation

Multi-job site access and management for better visibility

Optimized for tablet, phone or pc




Intelligent Equipment = More Than Building Automation

IE provides:

Multi-job site access and management for better visibility

Trending and unlimited data collection in the Daikin IE Cloud

ENERGY STAR portfolio manager

Maintenance recommendations and reports for optimizing equipment



How It Works – Cellular Connection

How It Works – Wi-Fi Connection

How It Works – LAN Connection

Secure, Intuitive, Role-Based User Interface


  • Comfort metrics
  • Energy use metrics
  • Runtime metrics
  • Equipment alarms
  • ENERGY STAR portfolio manager synchronization

                    (Note: does not use data from EMM)

  • Monthly performance benchmarking
  • Maintenance recommendations



  • Multi-job site access and management
  • User assignment and sharing
  • Setpoint and schedule configuration
  • Alarm and diagnostic display
  • Trending and unlimited data collection
  • Data logging and reporting
  • Commissioning documentation
  • Inspection checklists
  • Remote inspection reports
  • Service alerts and maintenance recommendations


Integrated Security


300-Point Inspection



Intelligent Equipment Overview

Ideal for Air-Cooled Chiller Applications and/or Rooftop Units

Water-cooled chillers available early 2018

Highest Level of Security

Multiple layers of security with dynamic IPs

Unprecedented Access to Equipment Data

300-Point Inspection = remote ‘deep dive’ inspection + customer report

Unlimited data stored for life of equipment via Cloud

Includes 300-Point Inspections, commissioning reports, analytics and more

Any technician authorized to work on the equipment can remotely view and analyze any point in the equipment, its history and change setpoints

Reduces need to physically visit site during startup/commissioning and when equipment is having problems

~ 50% fewer truck rolls

Full access available through computer, tablet, smartphone

More intuitive and easier to set up than BAS

True ‘plug-and-play’ – immediately available for startup/commissioning

Monitors 3-phase power

More intelligence and control regarding energy efficiency than a BAS

Cellular connection available – avoids IT complications


Questions to Ask Ourselves

Before we can get a handle on comfort and energy usage, we need to ask ourselves a few questions:

How is my building doing?

Is it getting better or worse?

Where are my opportunities to save money?

Have my previous improvements paid off?




DMI Energy Dashboard

The DMI Energy Dashboard will help owners manage:

Energy Cost


Carbon Footprint



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