Design Mechanical, Inc.’s Service Group includes some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. Many, of whom, are trained direct at the factory.

With over 100 service technicians on staff, we provide a single source of responsibility 24 hours per day, seven days per week. And better yet, you have options when choosing scheduled maintenance with one of our Customized Service Programs. Whether a quarterly, monthly or daily schedule works better for you, or if you would rather call when you need service, it’s your choice.

We also provide start-up (factory representatives for several major brands of equipment), commissioning and customer training.


Full Service Maintenance
Inspection Service Maintenance
T&M Service Maintenance
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Ultrasonic Flow Testing
Vibration Analysis Testing


Cooling Towers
Air Handling Equipment
Rooftop Units
Evaporative Condensers
Circulating Pumps
Boilers / Burners
Computer Room / Data Centers
Variable Frequency Drives
Digital / Pneumatic Controls