A study completed by the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) concluded that with the application of the CATALYST as an advanced HVAC retrofit solution for RTU’s building owners could save on average 38 % on their heating and cooling bills.

The CATALYST is a complete HVAC energy efficiency upgrade and retrofit kit that includes numerous components, adds multiple new sensors and has been developed as an easy-to-install pre-wired kit. When applied, it radically lowers the energy use and improves the overall performance of constant volume HVAC systems — we have a proven track record of a 25%-40% energy reduction.

The CATALYST assures proper ventilation, maximizes the use of outside air for free cooling beyond standard economizer logic, and reduces fan energy use by an average of 69%. Transformative Wave has a four year history of success in the field and a great deal of M&V data to support the product’s effectiveness.

CATALYST provides live interaction via the eIQ Energy Intelligence Platform, a completely wireless solution that allows real-time monitoring and control over the web with energy savings and historic behavior reporting. Transformative Wave is doing some exciting things with embedded and server-based fault detection, diagnostic, and energy accountability features. The CATALYST can integrate with existing building management systems (BMS) or be applied as the BMS.

Transformative Wave and the CATALYST are a Tridium OEM and the eIQ is an open source automation solution. The technology combines several well-practiced efficiency measures with our proprietary Opti-Run fan control logic to create a highly intelligent system. This custom microprocessor- embedded program effectively manages the system’s operation without compromising comfort or indoor air quality. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has identified RTU retrofit opportunities in commercial buildings as a major point of emphasis. Transformative Wave is currently working with four DOE regional energy labs. They have partnered with us by funding many projects and they have conducted extensive studies of our product in both the private and public sectors.

The CATALYST meets 2014 Title 24 Economizer Requirements

• 5 Year warranty
• Economizer Fault Detection
• Sensor Fault Detection
• Web Based User Interface
• Email or SMS faults and alarms

Transformative Wave’s CATALYST has been installed over 700 times with customers like IKEA, Whole Foods, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Cinemark, and more. The CATALYST averages a two-four year payback and when coupled with local utility rebates and incentives that payback period can be shortened.

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