DMI Energy Dashboard
Saving Energy

DMI Energy Dashboard is an online energy management application designed by – and for – commercial property professionals who want to manage energy cost, consumption and carbon footprint for individual buildings, and across property portfolios.

Numerous features make DMI Energy Dashboard the superior partner in today’s energy marketplace:

• Utility Data Management – Access our administration-free application and let us input, validate and report on the deluge of data for each building or portfolio monthly
• Energy Dashboard – Know the cost, consumption and carbon data per square foot of your building or portfolio instantly from a snapshot display
• Energy Reporting – Set parameters that allow you to review and share data and answer where capital improvements are needed for greatest return on investment
• Energy Benchmarking – Put property-level data into context by comparing like properties and creating peer benchmarks for pre– and post-audits on capital and operational improvements
• Historical Trending – see when utility rates, or reporting building consumption spike or drop so you can investigate
• Energy Alerts – Click on pop–up screen icons to locate anomalies we’ve spotted and reported back to you.
• Energy Forecasting and Budgeting – Quickly and accurately forecast energy consumption and costs up to 12 months, based on past key indicators, and monitor actual versus budgeted energy dollars
• Capture Changes – denote operating changes, project improvements and other significant events happening to the building so all users can share insights
• Weather Normalization – Isolate building performance from fluctuations in air temperature to truly see how weather impacts each building’s overall energy data
• ENERGY STAR® Integration – Let us set up your Portfolio Manager account or update your property information monthly

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