DMI Energy Dashboard — Simple Performance Analytics for Buildings

DMI Dashboard

At Design Mechanical, we specialize in bringing visibility to building owners and managers who want to control energy expense. Our DMI Energy Dashboard is a powerful, intuitive data visualization tool that can help you prioritize energy efficiency through better understanding. The cloud-based software application is simple, easy to use and puts key business analytics at your fingertips. Using energy cost, consumption and carbon trends, the DMI Energy Dashboard shows how your building performs compared to itself, its peers and metrics that matter.

Once the DMI Energy Dashboard is deployed, our expert team of data professionals works directly with your utility providers to collect, aggregate, input and validate historic and current utility data for your buildings. This comprehensive data will help you to generate powerful business insight, deliver benchmarks and identify trends. We take complex, unintuitive utility information and turn it into actionable business intelligence.


Whether we’re exploring one building or large portfolios, we use utility bill data to answer four key business questions:

How are your buildings doing?

Assess building performance with simple metrics and benchmark your building against itself, a portfolio, its peers and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. We take away the guesswork and point out current, relevant and validated building performance.

Are buildings getting better or worse?

Prioritize where to focus your attention by tracking how your energy use and expense changes over time, varies with weather patterns, and responds to modifications to building equipment and operations. We focus attention where change is needed most.

Where are the best opportunities for savings?

Implement solutions that will truly change building performance and reverse negative trends. Identify which modifications to your building’s operation system and equipment will yield the highest return on investment. We show where to reduce use and save money.

Have past improvements paid off?

Measure efficiency projects and prove financial results. Know the impact of every investment, large or small, and leverage your utility data to find even more ways to improve. Track and replicate energy best practices. We prove that project improvements are working.


So just how does the DMI Energy Dashboard help you visualize energy and take action?

Prioritize Your Portfolio Our analytics engine quickly sorts your properties to highlight your best performers and identify the greatest opportunities. We’ll help you understand what the data tells us and help you investigate solutions.

Energy Dashboard Portfolio Overview

Streamline ENERGY STAR® The DMI Energy Dashboard seamlessly integrates with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® and adds value by updating and tracking your ENERGY STAR performance over time.

Energy Dashboard Energy Star Trends

Comparable Reporting — Drill into specific properties for deeper energy performance intelligence. Compare your building to its peers inside your portfolio, or find current, relevant and accurate peer comparisons from our proprietary database. Create benchmarks based on region, property type, square footage and more.

Energy Dashboard Peer Comparisons

Prove Financial Results — Don’t just take our word for it—we’ll measure and prove savings for every project we implement in your building. By setting a baseline and tracking utility data, we will report both billed and weather normalized energy performance.

Energy Dashboard Cost Avoidance


For more information and to implement the DMI Energy Dashboard for your building, contact Design Mechanical at 913-281-7200 or Connect With Us on our website.