DMI Matta System
Monitor Alert Track Trend Alarm
MATTA, our leading-edge software, helps protect and optimize your equipment. Drawing from a custom network of wireless sensors, MATTA gathers various data about your HVAC system, refrigeration system or computing center. Trending and reporting functions help predict and avoid power loss, malfunction, leaks, temperature breach and other potential hazards. Plus, automated alarm systems immediately alert one or more people the moment a problem arises.

DMI University
A monthly program designed by Design Mechanical to promote customer awareness of products and practices that enhance and improve the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Visit our YouTube channel to view past classes. For more information, contact Valerie Mussett.


We began working out of our cars! Not many start-ups can say that. Beginning in September 2003, two people came together to start a business that would be built on common sense, fairness and fun.

Design Mechanical opened for business on September 1, 2003. Many thought it wouldn’t last in such a poor economy. However, in our first full year of business, our revenue was over $9 million! Five years later, the revenues grew to over $20 million. It certainly didn’t grow that quickly on good looks alone;. It was the career-long relationships of both Bill Iler and Mike Chieppo, along with a great office staff and highly experienced field crew that helped this company survive the start-up, and grow to what it is today.